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2020 Olympics
Be Part of the Procurement Wave

It is well known around the world that Tokyo will host the 2020 Olympics, but it is harder to determine the actual effect on the Japanese economy and local industry. As of mid-2017, the Olympics deadline is making its impact in certain areas, while it is generally viewed as an opportunity for renewal, though that may be more closely tied to the natural business cycle of the relevant industries. An excellent guide to the procurement process of the larger public works projects is here.

Some industries related to the looming deadline include construction, advertising, cybersecurity, tourism, real estate, entertainment, casinos, and sports. Again, the actual impact is hard to measure, but on the whole, and together with a newfound success at inducing inflation in the economy (see the blog post about the current economic outlook), the years leading up to the Olympics are likely to see growth in diverse areas.

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Government Agencies
Free Help and Trade Support

All governments are keen to encourage inward investment and outward growth. The agency in Japan designed to help foreign companies enter the Japanese market is called JETRO. You can find JETRO offices in many countries and of course in Japan. Your own country will also have trade programs for Japan, often related to the embassy for Japan. It can be a great help to participate in trade missions or pavilions at Japanese trade shows. Some governments offer affiliated services from private or public-private entities, which can be a mix of free and paid-for services.


Anyone serious about doing business in Japan inevitably encounters JETRO. While the services and offerings may change over time, the basic idea is a bit like a business incubator. The main resources on offer are free office space for a limited time, introductions to professional services, and various publications including a guide for establishing a Japanese company. In general, the goal is to help you establish a local entity, which is the legally prescribed way to pay local staff and pursue sales. An important development from April 2016 is that the taxation of branch offices has been revised so it is less burdensome on foreign companies.


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Interim Sales Management
A Better First Step

If you think that the first step is to hire a full-time sales director in Japan, then think again. A coming blog post will explain this in more detail, but the simple idea is that you can get initial traction with a virtual team that acts as part of your company. As business grows, we can help you hire local staff or establish a local company. To learn more, please contact us. For companies in the health care or nano materials fields, we have a partnership with Apricot Japan.

Fill Gaps, Motivate Staff, Achieve Results

This site is affiliated with J-Global Institute, a leading provider of intercultural and management training in Japan. Please contact us if you have a specific need. Language guidance and training is available for both Japanese and foreign staff. In addition, specific programs designed to enhance the sales process in Japan are available.